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The Trusted Recycler That Pays Cash for Junk Cars

Offering cash for junk cars is what Gateway Automotive Recycling LLC in St. Louis, Missouri, is all about. Apart from recycling, we offer quality used auto parts online. If you want to learn more about how this industry works, go over the information below. This was derived from ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association)™. It was compiled from a 1997 survey by the private consulting firm, Axiom Research™ Company and Automotive Recycling: Your Car's Afterlife (2-13-2006).

The Recycling Industry

Automotive recycling companies produce steel for making new vehicles. The industry provides enough material to make nearly 13 million new cars and trucks. The total yearly revenue is estimated to be $22 billion. Back in 1997, auto recyclers processed 4.7 million vehicles.

Why Recycling Matters

Every year, manufacturers save approximately 85 million barrels of oil from using second-hand parts instead of manufacturing replacements or new ones. In 1997, recyclers spent almost $50 million on environmental compliance.

How the Business Works

Most recycling businesses run on a computerized inventory system. Hence, clients get access to faster and more organized services. It also makes choosing products easier. That aside, wholesale and retail customers gain more from buying used parts instead of new ones. They save as much as 50% by purchasing from reputable recyclers like our company.

The Recycling Companies

Automotive recycling businesses employ some 103,108 people at more than 8,267 businesses around the country. The overall annual payroll is estimated to be $3.3 billion. Around 86% of these companies is full-service and employees 10 or fewer people.

Why You Should Trust Your Auto Recycler

Usually, most recyclers can find parts faster than new parts dealers, thanks to their global connectivity. Recycling facilities across the globe are connected by telephone, satellite, and/or computerized communications systems.

Advantages of Recycling

Recycling companies purchase inoperative vehicles from insurance providers. Because of this, insurance providers can afford to lower their insurance rates. That aside, the automotive recycling industry helps keep highways and roads clear of abandoned and poorly maintained vehicles. Recycling yards are one of the ideal places for depositing these vehicles.